pure yang by “Feimo”
(A World of Fantasy)


pure yang by “Feimo”

(A World of Fantasy)



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LAZY - プレリュード



Because I couldn’t let this Virgo out 


me to westerners: 

omg you take your husband’s name after marriage? that’s so oppressive. so you’re like his property? he can do anything he wants with you? *whispers* is it a religion thing? 

you put your parents in senior homes? that’s so backwards and heartless. is it a cultural thing? 

you leave the house when you’re 18? do your parents not love you? why do they not like their children in the house? is it a cultural thing? 

why are all your white men serial killers? is it a cultural thing? are you guys naturally belligerent and have a thirst for innocent blood? 

omg you guys owned slaves? how did that even compute as being remotely ok?. i heard you even enslaved your own is it a cultural thing? 

i heard you guys throw away food in restaurants instead of letting workers or the homeless have it. that’s so cruel and backwards. is it a cultural thing? 

so you get dressed and leave the house to find someone to have sex with? that’s so primitive. is that a cultural thing? 


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URL: terrorofmasque (first track, Scream Guiltily - maxi single, Metis Gretel - band)

Name: Jesica

Nickname: Jesi, my sister used to call me ‘alien’  xD

Birthday: Dec, 9th

Sex: F

Sexuality: I love you all (? ♥

Height: 156 cm without shoes <__<

Time and Date: 23:55 - Argentina.

Most used phrases: ‘Che’ (hey/you, something like that: http://www.portenospanish.com/word/3/che) xD

Last thing you said to family member: ”I’m going to sleep” (to my sister)

Favorite beverage: green tea, milk, coffee *——*

First word that comes to mind: Grandparents (today I went to their house ♥)

Place that makes you happy and why: My grandparents’ house (I love them *w*), my room (there I have my bass guitar and things *—*)

Number of blankets you sleep under: Four, it’s winter *-*

Last movie watched at the cinema: I don’t remember, I don’t usually go to the cinema xD Legend of Sanctuary… soon *O*

3 things you can’t live w/o: People I love, hobbies (music, books, internet…) and sweets ♥

Something you plan on learning: Cooking xD (someday….)

Piece of advice for your followers:  Be happy ♥